Makeup trends

5 latest Make-up trends

By Shweta Singh

No matter how good is the condition of your bronzers, eyeshadows and lip shades, every woman wants to dabble the latest and best when it comes to makeup. The industry that lives in the future never fails to foresee the upcoming beauty trends and drifts well in advance. From bold colours to everything that glitters, this year’s trends are everything “wild and artistic”.Image Consultant and Makeup Artist Shweta Singh give you 5 latest make up trends that definitely deserves a place in your vanity kit.

1.       Good, Clean and Glass Skin: the luminous “Glass Skin” look is here to stay for long. With more consumers and brands chasing and focusing on beauty inside and out, gone are the days for full-coverage makeup. Watching diets, taking care of pores with minimal makeup touches is the mantra. Skincare products will be on a sky rise and products with natural ingredients will be at a win tis season. Fresh and the flawless face with a luminous finish will be this year’s pick with products such as primers and foundations or a rise.

2.       Glitter, Gloss and Shimmer Galore: people are looking for ways to add whimsy and flair to their makeup looks. Glitter is about to bomb vanity kits and the best way to use them is as an eyeshadow. This year will witness glossy glittery lips, sparking eyes and glittery liquid eyeshadow. Don’t be shy to sport a bolder look, take some glitter and go dab-dabbing in the middle of your eyelids or cheekbones too for a glam diva look.

3.       Monochrome Goddess: it is time to ace the monochrome look by giving a break to the smokey eyes tis season. Opt for a bold lip shade and a similar eyeshadow. Sport the elegant look by going light and nude on the cheeks.

4.       Faux Lashes and Natural Brows: long dramatic falsies can add oodles of glam to any makeup look whether you have naturally voluminous lashes or not. Well, a big thanks to makeup bloggers, influencers and beauty stars, false lashes will gain even more popularity. Minimal, natural and stunning this season say bye to the perfect Instagram brows and welcome the soft, feathered and brushed brow. Brow gel and powder will be in this season

5.       Moving beyond contouring: strobing will be the new contouring and the next big make-up trend that will ace the beauty chart highlighting the key features with a shimmering effect.  The lightweight formula infused with pearl moisturises and illumination with be the code. A pleasant mix of gloss and neutrals will be the key this season.

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