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5 Lip Shades for a Newly-Wed

By Sundra Bains, Senior Make Up Artist and Hairstylist

Up your makeup game and jazz up yourself by adding these luscious lipstick shades to your kit!


While you are newly-wed, you need some bright shades because we believe plum lip shade deserves a spot in your makeup kit to repertoire the year-round.


Give a woman the right lip shade and she can conquer the world. And of course, she will her prettiest smile too.


If you are a working woman then these bold shades are definitely not appropriate for the office, college, or any formal event. So, that is where subtle and sophisticated colors Mauve comes to our rescue. It is a soft pinkish tone.


Balmy beiges, matte browns, satin tans, and plenty of natural pink lipsticks are ahead, in every finish, and for all complexions. You can certainly use them for all your formal events. Also, they can be added to the trousseau. Some subtle shades definitely help!


Browns are generally used for darker or dusky skin tones. For all the brides with dusky skin tone, remember to stay away from lighter shades that will just make your face look ashy and jaded.

Some tips.
1.One should use lipstick aesthetically.
2.Shape of the lips should be neat.
3.Maintain the natural shape with a little bit of correction.
4.Never overdo it.
5.Do not use Matt lipstick on dry lips.
6.Non drying, creamy, silky, long-wearing lipstick makes your lips healthy and attractive.
7. Use a lip pencil to give an outline so that lipstick does not bleed.
8. If lips are thin then add a little outline with lip liner.
9. Metallic lipstick would give a *sparkle look * to new brides and add some glamour inviting complements.

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