Dadi/Nani ke nuskhe!

Mom’s Therapy is based on Dadi/Nani ke nuskhe -! 

And many people asked “why it is named Mom’s Therapy? and the reply, it is Grand Mother’s recipe, actively followed by daughter’s. The concoction of natural herbs, floral extract ingredients with Ayurvedic properties mixed in a particular ratio known to maternal elders and passed to future generations is the reason it’s named “Mom’s Therapy”! All our Mom’s Therapy products are based on the Dadi- Nani ke nuskhe . and i will give you small example of it, we all know that by applying Castor Oil on our eyebrows we can get thicker and fuller eyebrows, or do the oiling for good hair or apply Haldi and besan mask for a glowing skin but how many of us have done that personally? We don’t have time to do that in today’s fast-moving world and that when we turn towards expensive chemical-based products, but we forget to use Dadi/Nani ke quick Nuskhe! We are giving you the same Dadi and Nani ke nuskhe in our products in good packaging, with better smell and we are presenting your beautiful products in a beautiful easy to carry packaging!

  • Never Dry wash your hair that’s the main nuskha my Dadi/Nani has taught me. Dry-washing your hair and scalp will damage your hair and will make your scalp drier and you will get a lot of dryness and dandruff and cos of that your hair will become rough, dry, damaged and you will have a lot of hair fall.
  • Do maximum oiling to your skin. A lot of people have that myth that oiling your face will give you a lot of breakouts, or will increase those breakouts but the reality is cos you don’t do oiling is the reason for those breakouts. oiling will nourish your skin and also by doing that you are postponing your aging.
  • Dadi/ Nani ke nuskhe which I strongly believe is don’t use hair color. what i do is apply henna / Mehendi (Natural one / Patte wala) to cover my greys, add Methi (Fenugreek) Powder into it along with hair oil to give shine to your hair and it will work.
  • The more herbal and natural products you use more you are safe for your self. if you do not have time to boil Aritha and shikakai in the morning and wash your hair with that then used maximum Herbal & Natural cleansers for your hair and scalp.
  • At least once in a week use the Brand Nuskha of Dadi/Nani by applying Besan, Haldi, Malai, Dahi or Nimbu wala pack on your face and see the result.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat green and raw veggies and fruits.
  • And most important if you do not have time to warm the oil and then apply it or if it’s giving you problems with forehead breakouts apply oil and go for walk or gym.

    Our Dadi / Nani was our best Hair & Skin and health specialist why to look for somebody else?

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