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Going for a bridal make up? Here’s a little tip by hair and makeup stylist Nilam Kenia

Before starting her career in Bollywood as a hair and makeup stylist, Nilam Kenia used to do bridals on a freelance basis. Having done that for almost four years, she shared the biggest mistake brides often do, and said, “I feel the biggest mistake the brides make is getting a picture of their favourite celeb and wanting to look like them.”

“They have to understand that each face is different and they should trust their hair and makeup artist to make them look beautiful on their D-Day. The celebrity pictures should be used as references only and then work around them to create a unique customised look,” she added. 

Nilam started her career in Bollywood by assisting ace celebrity hair and makeup artist Florian Hurel. She confessed that though she is not a risk-taker, jumping into this field and giving it a shot has worked for her, and added, “Obviously with all the hard work and perfect guidance to back it up.”

She revealed that her style icon is Jennifer Lopez, and also shared some beauty and hair tips. She said, “My beauty tip would be to eat clean, work out regularly, and always wear sunscreen. Hair care tip would be a good old oil massage ‘champi’.”

And when asked what she loves most about being a stylist, she said, “I love it when I get a free hand at trying hair and makeup looks, it shows the client’s trust and also allows me to try different creative stuff.”

While revealing the trendiest style in Bollywood and a celebrity secret, she shared, “The trendiest style in Bollywood today would be a no-makeup look and messy hairdos, something which is very organic and real.”

“A celebrity hair secret would be that they truly invest time in taking care of their hair as it is exposed to so much heat products and environments,” she added. Lastly, three things that are always a part of your kit? “A thermo active heat protection hair spray, a good moisturizer, and a sunblock are always an integral part of my kit,” Nilam concluded.

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