How to prevent pollution in day to day life?

Tips to reduce pollution and protect yourself by Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder of Mamaearth

With air pollution levels in the country hitting an all-time high, concerns regarding exposure to toxic pollutants are quite obvious. The smog blanket during winters only adds to the problem by posing even graver health risks.

During such times, it is crucial to protect oneself from the delirious effects of toxins and pollutants floating all around us. Here are a few tips you can follow to prevent pollution and protect yourself in the day to day life:

Restrict Outdoor Activities
With the winter setting in, limiting outdoor activities will protect you from both the chilling weather and pollutants in smog. Even though you don’t need to lock yourself indoors, it is better to move out during afternoons and avoid frequent outdoor visits in early mornings and late evenings. The concentration of polluted air near ground level is highest during this time, so keep yourself and your kids indoors, especially if any of you have respiratory problems. This is the time you should shield the house from the entry of pollutants by keeping doors and windows properly sealed.

Get Indoor Plants
To improve the quality of air inside your home, rely on natural air purifiers like indoor plants. Artificial room fresheners contain synthetic fragrance, which in turn makes the air more polluted by spreading microparticles in the surrounding. Especially if you have kids, it is advisable to bring home houseplants that are known to cleanse the air around naturally. Plants like the snake plant, aloe vera, and spider plant, clear off toxins and help in preventing air pollution indoors.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean
Maintaining cleanliness of the home from inside out will keep you and your family away from allergens and pollutants. Regularly cleaning the house from corner to corner will not let dust particles and other pollutants settle down. Rugs and carpets attract allergens and are home to dust particles that are hazardous to health. So, try and avoid rugs particularly when you have infants/toddlers in the house.

Improve Ventilation Around
The two most important places in a house that must be well ventilated are kitchen and washrooms. Fumes generated while cooking, if not let out, may cause health issues and dampen the indoor air quality. Excessive moisture, if retained inside the washroom, equally deteriorates the quality of air, hence should be properly ventilated. Please do not keep the windows closed forever, open them up to let fresh air circulate and replace the air inside. If using air conditioners, keep them clean and regularly service them.

Be a Responsible Citizen
Even a small effort will contribute to lessening the pollution level in your surroundings. Minimize waste production, reduce, recycle and reuse as much as possible. Do not burn paper or trash as it will only add to the toxicity of air. Check your carbon footprint, avoid using and burning plastic and carry your own bag while shopping. If possible, carpool to reduce smoke and dirt generation from automobiles.

Protecting Skin from Pollution
While the harmful effects of air pollution on our lungs are established facts, what is lesser known is the damage it does beyond pulmonary issues. Air pollution is also related to several dermatological problems, it is, therefore, necessary to take extra care of your skin along with adopting actions to prevent pollution in the surrounding. You face in particular needs special attention and care since it is unavoidable to keep it away from exposure to pollution.

It is advisable to use an anti-pollution cream like Mamaearth Anti-Pollution Face Cream, which is light, non-greasy, and creates a protective shield against dirt, pollution, and harmful sun rays. The cream is dermatologically-tested and suitable for all skin types. It’s completely free of harmful chemicals like Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Petrolatum, and Dyes. Enriched with soothing Turmeric Extract and nourishing Carrot Extract, it keeps your skin calm and nourished.

Turmeric Extract in the anti-pollution cream restores elasticity, brightens the complexion, and keeps skin moisturized. Carrot improves skin elasticity, nourishes, and repairs skin. Pollustop® forms an invisible shield to protect your skin from free radical damage and acne-causing dirt.
Keeping yourself safe in today’s world full of chemicals, toxins, and pollutants is in your hands. Apart from the above-mentioned tips, make sure that you eat right, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, use a mask if traveling to heavily polluted areas.

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