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1. What do you find the most exciting in your job, Lip blushing or lash extension? Why?
I’ll go with lip blushing since it allows me to aid those with pigmented lips, both men and women, who are unhappy with the way their lips look. It lasts longer and eliminates the need for lipstick; it simply elevates their confidence to a new level. I enjoy doing eyelash extensions as well, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d go with lip blush, and it’s thrilling to see their joyful expressions afterward. It’s really satisfying.

2. Brief us on your upcoming range of merchandise.
So, after seven years in the profession, I used to struggle to get decent products, and I don’t compromise on the quality of products like the lashes we use, the glue, the bonder, or anything else we put on people’s eyes. So, for me, it was either obtaining these things imported from other nations, resulting in a longer wait time, or not getting them at all.

As a result, I began to believe that in India, I should also have an easily accessible option. So that the lashes can be done in such a way that people can have “fleek lashes,” as we call them. But they want to maintain their natural lashes, so I created lashes that are a weight on weight, which means we may use them if we have a particular weight on our natural lashes. So, assume our genuine lashes can handle a 0.15 weight, which is the kind of weight we’re talking about. That means if I make a fan, if I do volume, I do 3.5, for a total of 0.15. Furthermore, the adhesive is vegan and may be used on cancer patients, Alopecia sufferers, and is formaldehyde-free, resulting in fewer fumes, burning, and irritation when applying the lashes.

As a result, our merchandising is more concerned with the comfort of our customers. We don’t utilize pre-made fans and instead make our own fans to keep the clients’ natural lashes healthy. As a result, less glue is used and the results last longer. So we have a super bonder, which helps to keep the lashes in place for a longer period of time. Our priority is to provide high-quality service that is also cost-effective over time.

3. Chart your entrepreneurial journey.
Well, as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep, but for me, beauty is also about enhancing a person’s confidence. I don’t see why you shouldn’t desire to improve what you have. So, whether it’s nails, eyelash extensions, a temporary eyebrow tint, or micro-blading, when it comes to grooming. When we look in the mirror, we feel confident, and when we’re confident, we feel happier and more radiant. So, sure, it’s all about instilling confidence in people and making them feel good about themselves.

4. Why did you choose cosmetology (eyebrows, nails, and grooming) as the field for your business?
When I first arrived in Bombay, I started my brand ‘Nails and More,’ which was a novel concept at the time, and people were still getting used to the idea of nail extensions. I was trained by the best in the industry, then began training others, and we had acrylic extensions and extensions, and I really saw the entire industry transform. I then advanced a level and traveled to London. I took courses in cosmetology, lashes, semi-permanent cosmetics, Scalpa, and a variety of other topics. My goal has always been to introduce A-grade items and therapies to India that are freely available elsewhere so that we can maintain the same level of quality and standard. Also, introducing India to new techniques that will be available in the near future. That has always been my ambition, and thanks to God’s grace and the love and support of my clientele, we have been able to accomplish it with my brands Regalia and The British Brow Bar.

5. How did you feel after your first successful brow Lamination and lash extension?
I was ecstatic because when someone opens their eyes and sees the lashes for the first time, you should see a twinkle in their eyes and they should be like, Oh my God, this looks so wonderful because it feels unreal to wake up looking like this. When you don’t need makeup and your brows and lashes are perfect, so you don’t waste time filling them in or trying to wax them in a certain manner in the morning. So, yes, that just makes me incredibly pleased. When I see the pleased expressions on people’s faces after they’ve seen their first look.

6. What’s more in the pipeline? Brief us on your expansion plans.
So, we have flagships now, and we’ll be introducing our merchandising soon, which I’m quite thrilled about. That is the path that never ends since there are so many new things to add. In the beauty sector, there are a lot of new products coming up. So, of course, our merchandise will expand. And we’ll be adding more content to it very soon. Our items are currently B2B; they are intended for purchase and use by salon employees. However, we’ll be launching things that clients can purchase in the near future. Anyone can buy a temporary eyebrow tint that they can do at home, just like you can. It might be as basic as fluffy strip lashes that you may wear if you can’t come in for your lash extension, temporary tints for cheeks and lips, and more. We’re still in the R&D phase. It will be available on the market; keep tuned for additional information. We may also begin franchising soon. So, yes, The British Brow Bar will be arriving in your area shortly. We’ve struck up a conversation with specialists in Indore and Ahmedabad. We’ll start with our training and courses, which will include both physical and online classes for people to learn how to apply lashes, and, as you know, we have merchandise, so we’ll have kits that they can purchase from us. This will truly assist them in establishing a career and earning a living. I believe in providing people with opportunities to advance in their careers. Alternatively, if you currently have a salon, you may wish to add a new vertical to increase your revenue. What’s to stop you? So, yeah, those are the developments in the works.

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