Last minute grooming hacks

Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, Dermotogsit & Founder – Zolie Skin Clinic

While there is a huge possibility that you don’t have a Kim K like glam squad; this shouldn’t stop you from looking groomed and fabulous all the time. Today our article is going to discuss all those small tips and tricks that you could inculcate in your life to look impeccable. 

Now I know there are a plethora of things that you could do to spruce up your look but a groomed woman is not only the one who looks prim all the time but also the one who follows healthy habits to pamper her skin with. So without further ado let’s get started with our grooming session. 

Sleep next to your makeup remover- now I know how desperately one needs to doze off after a hectic day at work and removing all that makeup from the face seems like such a mammoth task. Many of us think that sleeping with makeup on isn’t that big of a deal however, sleeping with makeup on can cause a lot of skin problems like breakout, intrinsic aging, and skin allergies. You should always keep your makeup remove right next to your bed, this way you can remove your makeup even when you are dead tired and wake up with healthy and clear skin. 

Carrying a face mist- most of us have been taught about moisturizing our face twice a day. However, it is the Koreans who believe in 24/7 hydration of the skin. In Korea having a good skincare routine is more like a sacred ritual that everyone can be seen following. Just like our body our skin gets drained of energy in the middle of the day too and keeping it hydrated is the key to this problem. Now lathering it up with a moisturizer can make our skin look oily and cakey and that is when a good face mist comes into the picture. Spritzing our skin with a good face mist every other hour can make your skin healthy and glowing. 

Focus on the footwear- before your mind starts wandering around how big of a hole good footwear is going to cut in your pocket let me tell you it’s not about the number of footwear you own rather their versatility.  Investing in footwear which you can carry out with several outfits is going to help you in looking elegant and chic. 

Never leave without the sunscreen- even when you can see pleasant weather out there don’t ditch your sunscreen. Sunscreen has many benefits; not only it protects your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun but it also reduces the risk of skin cancer. After all, a wise person is the one who knows when to reapply their sunscreen. 

Touch up all the way- if you are someone who is into makeup then make sure you carry your touch up products with you. Now no one is expecting you to carry all the makeup products, however, certain products like a face mist, lipstick, and makeup remover can help you out when you want to make a good first impression. 

Dry shampoo- there are days in our lives when we don’t want to walk that extra mile and clean our hair. Don’t get me wrong, clean hair is the key to healthy hair but sometimes we all yearn for a cheat day, after all, who wants to wake up early to wash their hair? Well, you could always invest in dry shampoo to cheat on your hair every once or twice in a month. This way your hair would look amazing and you’ll get more time to sleep in the morning. 

Hydrating face masks- the Korean skin regime is the talk of the town. Something which has grabbed our eyeballs and attention is the Korean sheet masks which have taken the beauty world by the storm. A weekly TLC might not be in the cards for every one of us but buying sheet masks to pamper our skin can certainly be added. Our skin just like our body requires proper hydration and lack of it can make our skin look dull and dry. Using sheet masks before you head out or on the weekends can be the perfect way to coddle your skin with. 

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