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5 Herbal personal care products to swear by in 2021

Dr. Disha Dinakar, MBBS & Co-founder of Digvijaya Herbals

We’ve talked about natural face wash, natural facial moisturizers, and natural acne treatments, but what does the term natural or organic mean? It’s about time we understand and discuss the essence of organic personal care products for that hydrated head-to-toe skin that’s especially crucial in the winter months. These products curated from the certified organic brand Digvijaya Herbals are set to make way to your all-natural beauty arsenal in 2021.

Duh vitamin E oil

The vitamin E oil (tocopherol) from Digvijaya Herbals is in its purest form. It acts as a powerful antioxidant that prevents skin & haïr from radical damage. It contains anti-aging properties, reduces hair fall, under-eye dark circles, and rejuvenates skin & hair completely. All you require is to use it directly on the skin or scalp. Mix with your favorite masks or oils and use them for face and hair as and when needed.

Duh no-pores Facial toner mist

Formulated with the goodness of witch hazel, tea tree, and lavender extracts, this facial toner is set to be your all-time favorite product. Duh no–pores facial toners are strictly alcohol-free. It helps shrink pores magically, reduces redness, acne scars, balances skin oils & gives a natural glow. This one of a kind product is suitable for normal to oily skin. Spray on the face right after cleansing. moisturizer can be used over this.

Duh Ubtan – Face & Body Polisher

Ubtan is an age-old remedy for glowing skin used by bride-to-be for glowing skin. Duh Ubtan has deep exfoliating effects which help to scrub off impurities embedded in the skin with the goodness of Cicer arietinum, buchanania latifola, ervum lens, phaseolus mungo, Curcuma aromatica, cinnamomum camphora, oryza sativa, almond, etc.

Duh – Elixir face glow serum

With the goodness of Spanish saffron and oils like geranium, ylang- ylang, rose, sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, vitamin E, carrot seed, pumpkin seed, orange, sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, spearmint your skin is going to shine like never before! it has a mild sun protection factor, can be used during the day under moisturizer or as a base for makeup instructions:- use 2 -3 drops on the face. Massage till it absorbs. can be used even as a night serum.

Duh Lush nutrient Dense shampoo

Duh Lush nutrient Dense shampoo is made with natural pure ingredients. This shampoo is sulfate phthalate, paraben-free and FDA approved. The Australian formulated product helps reduce hair fall, nourish hair, and strengthens hair from its roots.

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