By Freny Jariwala, The Secret Ingredient, Founder

You can wash your face and use lots of skin products and still not achieve flawless skin.

So, what’s the secret of naturally glowing skin?

In this option-savvy world, there are many ways from which you can achieve glowing skin from soaps to extravagant products but just because all of your friends are using some fancy products, doesn’t mean you need to too. So, ladies this season, in order to have a glowing, healthy complexion, follow a few of our hacks that will not only improve your routine but also free your skin from various skin issues such as acne, pigmentations, dull, dehydrated and many more.


Shortcuts in the skincare regime can harm your skin and can be the reason for early aging. So, what should you do?

Don’t look for quick fixes!

Rather have a proper step skincare regimen every day, which entails cleaning, moisturizing and toning, and an exfoliant and mask twice a week. Yes, a regular skincare regime is what your skin needs for flawless skin and believe me, this is how celebrities maintain their healthy skin even after layers of makeup and products. Also, make sure to drink 3 liters of water a day, and aim for 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. 

Remember to be invested and disciplined in your skincare regime to achieve healthy glowing skin!


Yes! Hydration and clean eating are equally important for great skin as much as disciplined skincare is. Be religious about your skincare regimen and wash, tone, and moisturize twice a day but also make sure to drink a lot of pressed juice and water with lemon which will help you maintain radiant, healthy-looking skin. 


If you have enough time to invest, make sure to try various DIY’s from your kitchen shelves. Use banana peel (the riper, the better) and put it on the zit. Yes, this work wonders! The antioxidant called lutein in the banana peel reduces inflammation and fights acne. 

Similarly, keep trying different DIY recipes and keep experimenting!


The secret to flawless glowing skin has been found in our kitchen shelves for ages. Ingredients such as Multani Mitti, honey, rose, sugar, and many others have been the royal secrets for glowing perfect skin. But, with time we have distanced ourselves to chemical-based store-bought products for easy quick fixes. 

These shortcuts not only take your skin’s hydration but they also harm your skin cells resulting in many skin issues and early aging. 

Even if you don’t have enough time for homemade DIYs that need your patience and time, use only homemade or organic and natural products on your skin. 

You can use products from The Secret Ingredient which are not only easy to use but they are also 100% organic which means no harmful chemicals and only natural skincare ingredients for glowing healthy skin. It also helps you maintain the water content of the skin which is crucial for healthy skin. The benefits of age-old skincare secrets no longer need you to invest a lot of time. These products promise you the purity of each ingredient and the benefit of nature! 

This summer season, pledge to treat your skin with the disciplined regime and natural products and glow naturally sans any chemicals on your skin and skin issues. Remember to only pick products that’ll improve your routine. Also, if nothing else, don’t forget to take your makeup off before you go to bed. And to drink water! LOTS! These smallest of actions will also help your skin glow naturally.

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