What Is Face Serum? How Does It Work – A Complete Guide

By Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder of Mamaearth

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing has been the ABC of skincare since ages, and the new-age skincare regime requires one more step for ultimate results. Yes, while you know cleanser/face wash, a toner, and a moisturizer to be an integral part of your skincare routine, face serum is yet another crucial product that needs to be added in the list. Power-packed with essential ingredients, face serums are that topping on the cake that perfectly completes the appearance.

Despite numerous benefits, face serums are eyed with speculation over actual benefits they claim to have on one’s skin. Well, it is only a lack of proper knowledge that makes people apprehensive about using them. Let us understand what a face serum is and its wonderful effects on our skin.

What is a Face Serum?

Unlike a moisturizer, face serum is a water-based lightweight moisturizer that contains active and essential ingredients required to maintain healthy skin. It contains thin, water-soluble, and micro-ingredients that penetrate into the skin to provide deep nourishment. Filled with anti-aging components, antioxidants, and collagen builders, face serum is a health booster for dull and aging skin.

Benefits of Using Face Serum

Face serum can be considered as the powerhouse of any beauty regimen, where only essential ingredients are brought together to keep the skin young and healthy. While using serum has several benefits, here’s are reasons why you should include it in your everyday skincare routine.

Hydrated Skin: By helping the skin retain moisture, serum helps in keeping it hydrated and protects against drying. Unlike moisturizers or regular crème, serum penetrates deep and locks in the moisture to prevents parching and drying.

Anti-aging Effects: To prevent skin from aging effects, serums provide intensive care to the skin and heals it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The antioxidants present in serums fight free radicals and turn aside skin damage. Vitamin C is an effective ingredient of a serum which is known for its anti-aging properties.

Radiating Skin: By helping in the process of cell renewal and improving the skin tone, face serum helps in keeping the skin clear and glowing. It also stimulates collagen production that results in youthful and radiant skin.

Checks Breakouts: Being a water-based product, serum, unlike any oil-based moisturizer, has active ingredients that enter the inner skin layer and prevent breakouts. It also prevents skin inflammation and reduces sensitivity.

How to Use A Face Serum?

It is effortless and easy to use a serum on your face. But like any other cosmetics, it is recommended to start with a patch test. This is to ensure that the one you have picked does not contain any ingredient to which your skin may be allergic since even natural ingredients might cause or trigger existing allergies

Once the serum passes the patch test, follow these simple steps.

  • Pump the serum out on a fingertip
  • Apply dots all over the face & neck
  • Gently massage in an upward circular motion until completely absorbed
  • Follow it up with an Oil-Free Face Moisturizer
  • To get the best results, apply twice a day

Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum, with the power of Vitamin C & Turmeric, helps you achieve a radiant glow, reduces hyperpigmentation & fine lines from your early wrinkle-prone areas such as crow’s feet, smile lines, etc. Vitamin C being a potent antioxidant not just combats dark spots, but also helps in preventing melanin production. Turmeric being an age-old kitchen ingredient for homemade as well as cosmetic skin care products, ensures long-lasting glow and brightened skin. 

After the mid-‘20s, the body reduces the production of Squalane naturally & thus feels dry & dehydrated which results in early wrinkles. Fast absorbing & non-greasy, Squalane is a plant-derived super hydrating ingredient used in Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Face Serum that helps in firming the skin & reducing fine lines. Free from serum harmful toxins such as Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicones, etc, the serum reduces & reverses hyperpigmentation, acne spots, dark spots, to let your skin illuminate.

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