Mom’s Therapy is based on Dadi/Nani ke nuskhe -!  And many people asked “why it is named Mom’s Therapy? and the reply, it is Grand Mother’s recipe, actively followed by daughter’s. The concoction of natural herbs, floral extract ingredients with Ayurvedic properties mixed in a particular ratio known to maternal eldersRead More →


Tips to reduce pollution and protect yourself by Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder of Mamaearth With air pollution levels in the country hitting an all-time high, concerns regarding exposure to toxic pollutants are quite obvious. The smog blanket during winters only adds to the problem by posing even graver health risks. During suchRead More →

America’s most popular medical spa-Maya Medi Spa recently launched their first outlet in India. With 8 years of successful operations in the US, Maya Medi Spa is one of the most popular standalone medical spas in the US, providing lipstick to lasers, scientifically advanced skin treatments, procedures, and products thatRead More →

Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, Dermotogsit & Founder – Zolie Skin Clinic While there is a huge possibility that you don’t have a Kim K like glam squad; this shouldn’t stop you from looking groomed and fabulous all the time. Today our article is going to discuss all those small tips andRead More →