Cooking Oil

‘Ray Cooking Spray’, has been re-launched by Nagpur based LB Consumer Goods Pvt. Ltd. making it the group’s entry into the growing FMCG industry. The unique selling proposition of Ray Cooking Spray is that it offers optimum amount of oil through a spray nozzle for cooking purposes. This helps in cutting down the excess oil in the diet, without sacrificing on the taste. Ray Cooking Spray in its new avatar is even better than before.Read More →

Valentine’s Day!

If you’re still ambling for some great Valentine’s Day celebration options, we’ve got you sorted. A special day such as this requires a special touch of great cuisine, ambience, service and a stunning overall dining experience to feel exclusive. Bayroute – Mumbai’s most-loved fine dine that serves utterly authentic and deliciousRead More →

Drinkery 51

Halloween is here and if you’ve not already made your plan, we’ve for the perfect one for you. One that’s complete with the best appetizers and themed-cocktails – Zombie apocalypse, Spooky shots, Dracula bite & Poison ivy and the most stunning music in town with DJ Third Dimension. All this and more, only at DrinkeryRead More →


It’s time of the year, when everyone from children to adults are equally excited because an array of festivals is here. Everywhere you look, you will see people excitedly discussing their plans for Diwali, and gifts top their discussions. Yes, gifts form an important part of the celebrations and areRead More →

Post- Workout Nutrition

Tried all exercises at various intensities & still no difference on your gains? Your nutrition may be the culprit. Yes, you got it right. Eating before, during & after your workout is just as crucial in deciding your gains as your exercise protocols are. Most people working out to gainRead More →

Mumbai’s largest dining room

        Queensline Neverland and Queensline Sea YAH opens its doors to the world  Will turn deck into Mumbai’s latest cultural and culinary hub ! India’s financial capital will witness the unveiling of its largest ever floating restaurants, giving diners the enviable experience of having a sumptuous mealRead More →


Wonderchef, the pioneer brand in innovative and healthy kitchenware, has launched a revolutionary kitchen appliance, Nutri-Pot, your personal kitchen robot! After 14 months of rigorous market research and product development, Wonderchef has curated an automated appliance, that brings health, taste and convenience in your daily cooking. With an embedded micro-computer technology,Read More →