Lord Krisna

On the occasion of Janmashtami, learnings from Lord Krisna

By Dr. Aarti Dahiya, Relationship Expert, founder of नियती by Aarti

People from across India celebrate Janmashtami with much fervour and keenness. Janmashtami marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, the eight embodiment of Lord Vishnu. This year, Janmashtami would be celebrated on 11th August, 2020; some people would be celebrating it on 12th August as well. We all have grown up listening the stories of Lord Krishna. He’s a butter thief, a mischief-maker. He’s also very romantic and plays the flute with divine grace.Lord Krishna is very delectable among all so that whatever the circumstance is most of the people not even in India only out of India also they get dynamic in full fledge way to make him happy and to get his blessings to defeat all the trouble. Even in this Covid-19 pandemic people are ready to celebrate Janmashtami arranging a small event but with awareness and with happiness. We have learnt some lessons from Lord Krishna. His story is a source of joy and inspiration for people from all walks of life.

· Who is born will die and that who is dead will be born again that is eternal truth so it is valueless to grieve for this matter

We can’t categorize deeds or activities as good or bad, loss or achievement. We can’t visualize only good things that will stay with us strongly. Happiness and unhappiness depend on the situations and time. So basically people should think that whatever we have today that we may not have tomorrow. The thing is just to stay calm and examine the reason for their loss and think how to get over it. Life has to move on

· Prakriti stands for the nature of the body. Purusha is the resident of nature, experiences all events if the circumstance is painful or pleasurable.

Deha and Prakriti are in the reach of the senses. They are bound by the rules of space and time which means that they can be measured and are permanent. There is a part of prakriti since both are immortal and never-ending, neither can be confined by space nor can they be separated. The mental formation is known as Deha Prakrti. The Deha Prakrti is strong-minded and is likely to be influenced by a variety of environmental factors to some extent. Prakriti is one of the most important conceptions. Prakriti can be defined as body constitution.

· Unnecessary objects trend are born of desire in the senses, in the heart and the head. Desire is ravenous and if not indulged. It can be the result of anger. Desire and anger can block all wisdom like the womb covers a baby.

We avoid to take responsibilities .We are scared of heart breaks. We are scared off  is a feeling that I am avoiding to struggle. We clearly create what is mine and what is not mine. If attraction of things makes us house owner and disliking of things makes us solitary person then neither is actually wise

· The one who offers me, with affection, a flower, a fruit, some water, a leaf, I accept

The devotees are expected to be active in devotion and cling to get the food as a baby monkey clings to its mother. Another in opposition to the devotee is expected to be passive and devoted like a kitten trusts that its mother will take care.

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