What did your first love feel like? Your first job? Your first troll? How many times have you wished you could ask this question to a creator you love! An upcoming Vitamin Stree video format does just that. With a twist. Because while they are talking about their firsts, the creators keep their hands occupied with another fun activity that they’ve never done – scrapbooking, wine tasting, making candles, stone painting!

This video format is aimed to be entertaining and insightful for the Vitamin Stree audience, in a way that makes them think that they are just getting a cup of tea with their close friend.

Avanti Nagral, who worked on the first video for this, had this to say about her experience: “Vitamin Stree is a safe space for stree’s and allies, and I absolutely love how they engage with social issues while making their content fun and engaging! Simply sharing your “firsts” experiences can immensely help someone else going through an experience for the first time, and I’m grateful to VS for creating a space for me to talk about my love and dating firsts so freely while making a collage – something I honestly haven’t done since the time of my firsts! Felt very full circle!”

Leeza Mangaldas shares her experience of working on the project, “When Vitamin Stree asked me to talk about what it’s like being a woman on the internet, and moreover, a woman who talks about sex on the internet — all while doing something fun and creative, how could I not want to join them for an episode of Firsts? I got to reflect on a lot of the things I care about, all the while making a clay model of the vulva! I’ve always appreciated vitamin stree’s approach to creating videos that explore gender, sexuality, and identity with a focus on women, and I’m so delighted we got to collaborate! Vitamin Stree has a wonderfully inspired team and their clever, quirky approach to video is reflective of the wonderful women behind it all! What I enjoyed most of all was meeting them!”

Maanvi, Editorial Lead, Vitamin Stree commented on why this new format was so compelling and said, “At Vitamin Stree, we’ve always wanted to be the space where young women feel like they can learn, and chill. Like the big sister or the older, wiser friend you never knew you had. And what better way to do that than to work with exciting creators like Leeza Mangaldas, Avanti Nagral, who with their content continues to be insightful, entertaining, and push the boundaries of what it means to be a young Indian woman.”

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