Road Safety Initiative’ Tata Motors

Coming together with Ogilvy, Post Office Studios has created an animated awareness video for Tata Motors’ ‘Road Safety Initiative’ in Bangladesh

The animation studio and Ogilvy have combined their efforts to design a relatable video for Tata Motors’ initiative to create awareness about road safety in Bangladesh

Mumbai-based new media tech studio – Post Office Studios – A 2D animation and motion graphics vertical at Kulfi Collective has collaborated with Ogilvy for an animated video released during Tata Motors’ ‘Road Safety Initiative’ in Bangladesh. While the anthem – No Second Chance – was conceptualized and composed by the Ogilvy team, the creative animated video for the same was developed by a dynamic collective of designers of the Post Office Studios.

‘No Second Chance’ was conceived by Ogilvy to create awareness – especially among truck drivers as well as other vehicle drivers – about the importance of cautious driving to avoid accidents. The crux of this anthem is straightforward – while life gives us plenty of opportunities to fix silly mistakes and minor botches, on the road, there is no second chance, which is why we must be careful as recklessness can cost a life.

Consequently, the team at the animation and motion design studio considered instances that are relatable to truck drivers. These instances, combined with a set of style frames in different color palettes that are soothing and appealing to the eyes and that transition seamlessly, enabled the audience to draw similarities and understand the situation better. Not only that, but the animation team also used brush strokes and various texture patches to give an organic feel to the illustrations.

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