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Five reasons why we think Arun Mandola nailed the role of Lakshman

Mythological shows made a come back on the small screen as soon as the lockdown was announced. The audience will always have an emotional connection with these shows, be it “Ramayan”, ” Sri Krishna” or “Hanumaan”. Every time a new show in the genre comes up, the audience watches it with the same excitement.

And it’s not easy for actors to play mythological characters, but the plus point is that it stays with the audience for a very long time. One such actor who played a mythological character twice, without the fear of being typecast, is Arun Mandola.

The young star made his TV debut with “Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan” where he essayed the role of Lakshman. He reprised his role again for Sony TV’s “Vighnaharta Ganesh”.

Let’s have a look at why we feel Arun nailed his role as Lakshman:

• Not afraid of being typecast: When you play a certain kind of role, people start associating with it. Even when you move on to next projects, that character is always mentioned. But Arun is not afraid of being typecast and that’s very clear because he portrayed the role of Lakshman not once, but twice on-screen.

• His emotional connection with Lakshman: He grew up listening to the stories of Ram and Lakshman from his parents. That made him connect emotionally to his on-screen character. And that’s another reason why he
portrays it with so much ease.

• He is a perfectionist: It is the perfection with which he essays Lakshman on-screen that made him bag the role twice. He makes his character believable.

• The old world charm: Believe it or not, Arun has that old world charm, which works wonder on-screen.

• His oh-so-perfect hair: Ok, it’s not just how you look on-screen, but how you look off-screen to matters. The actors’ well-groomed long hair, in a certain way, adds an appeal to his character.

Don’t you think we have given enough reasons here? So tell us if you agree with us, or let us know if we missed out on something. 

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