Ranveer Singh 2 Siddhant Chaturvedi| Holi Partners

Holi is almost here! And while we get set to celebrate this festival of colours with our loved ones, these actresses share who they would want to play Holi with, from the industry, and why

Hansa Singh- Siddhant Chaturvedi! Well, the only reason is that he is cute!

Nilam Kenia- I would love to put colour on Ranveer Singh as he is a person full of life. The festival of Holi symbolises that good always triumphs over evil and we must fill our lives with colours. It is important to live every moment in colour than black and white, so who’s better than Ranveer Singh to do this.

Namita Lal- I love Holi, the colours, the music and the dance. I recently saw Ranveer Singh in the ITA awards. He came breezing in with so much energy. I want to put colour on him, feel the energy, I want to dance and sing with him. I would love to share this energy with him.

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