Preeti Shenoy

Another best Read by Preeti Shenoy

“Sometimes you have to travel far to find your true self.”
– Preeti Shenoy, When Love Came Calling

This is the story of a 19-year-old, confused, energetic, fiery Puja, who is clueless about her dreams and aspirations. She believes – life is complicated and only super-achievers have it figured out. Her strict mother sends her to a rural location in Kerala to spend her summer vacation doing volunteer work. She is energetic, impulsive, but a confused teen. She meets a boy named Arush in Kerala while on her volunteer work. Arush is a 20-year-old boy who is seemingly opposite to Puja. He is studious, an explorer, and a shy one. He is brought up in Britain and has never been to India, he is elated when he gets a chance to volunteer for summer at Wayanad in Kerala and he takes it up.

With a lack of internet and other distractions, both spend time together and eventually fall in love. But as said falling in love and staying in love are not the same thing, the disaster strikes putting a lot of strain on their relationship where Puja is forced to confront the harsh realities of life. This picture-perfect fairytale doesn’t last long as Arush realizes that India is not as perfect as he thought it was.

What will happen to their love?
Will it stand the test of time?
Is it strong enough to survive forces beyond their control?
How far will they have to travel to find themselves?

The story is well-narrated and insightful. The characters in the story seem to have an in-person connection with the reader. Most of the incidents will make you feel that you have personally experienced in your life as well and see yourself in some of them. It emotionally moves the reader. The story is all about adventure, discovering yourself, and following your heart. Additionally, it talks about the decision-making abilities that lead you to either the problems or solutions. One of the most amazing things about the book is the descriptions of Kerala and its history. Like Preeti Shenoy’s other books, this one is also highly recommended as it teaches you and motivates you!

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