Bollywood going Gaga over Love n Beauty By HiPi – A short video platform launched by ZEE5

HiPi, the app which is a fully homegrown underlining Atmanirbhar Bharat by ZEE5, which is taking the Indian market by storm. The app offers an experience of making short videos by adding music tracks in the background of the videos and vertical scrolling of hundreds of videos that can be liked or shared across social media platforms.

HiPi by ZEE5 comes with a vision to encourage self-expression and talent as it aims to unmask the potential that our country has by inviting the diverse content curators who are seeking a platform that paves the way to stardom and from being a Fan to Fandom.

Additionally, apart from the content, it is the interface that makes HiPi an attractive, easily accessible, and user-friendly app. It is slightly different from other similar offerings that provide the storytellers, freedom, and confidence to showcase their talent. It is a platform that is the official home of entertainment and entertainers.

Image: ZEE5.com

It #HappensOnHiPi

In addition to the content, HiPi offers a wide variety of effective filters. By default, one can have five filter categories: Action, Party, Retro, Primary, and Love n Beauty.

To select a filter for the video, navigate to the right-hand side of the screen and you’ll see the Filters option. Tap it. Perform the following steps to view all your favourite filters in one place:

  1. Click the Star icon located near the effect of your choice.
  2. You can view your favorite filters in the Me section of HiPi.

Love N Beauty takes over

Generally, the retro, party, and love n beauty are perfect and are used by quite a lot of people. These filters add an element of depth to any video and even a slightly retro feel can give you an immensely beautiful video because it #HappensOnHiPi!

Love n beauty is one of the celebs favourite. This filter lets you choose the style of any recorded video. It also allows you to emphasize the best parts of your videos. It helps you to add music, effects, and trim them for various length formats. It’s as simple, colourful and the interface is user friendly as choosing the footage, selecting the editing style, and adding music.

Although it’s perfect for HiPi, Love n Beauty can help you come up with brilliantly edited videos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
This filter is seen driving Bollywood celebrities go gaga over and it helps you crop, copy, cut, trim, merge, and create collages for you. It has a straightforward interface that’s easy to get used to.

Put across your storyteller side on HiPi and make a small video using these filters, synchronize it with the best music, or may your favourite song. Have you ever tried any of these filters? Which one did you like the best? Maybe you like the other one apart from Love n Beauty? Either way, let us know by hitting the comments section below and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Download the ZEE5 app to have a one-of-a-kinds experience and if you already have one then update your ZEE5 app to get HiPi on your phone.

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