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Based on the real-life of an IPS officer Abhayanand, who teaches kids in a village in Bihar affected by the Naxalism to help them with their IIT-JEE exams, Pareeksha– The Final Test is a typical Prakash Jha directorial starring Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Shubham Jha, and Sanjay Suri streaming on ZEE5.

The 1 hr and 42 minutes duration of the film gives you an elaborated idea of the struggles that a mediocre or a poor family faces while dealing with the education system of our country. Despite being extraordinary in studies how a child is kept deprived of his basic need for good education in private schools due to the exorbitant amount that they charge as fees.

The story revolves around Adil Hussain who plays the role of a rickshaw puller in Bihar and believes in #SapneSachKarenge. He desire’s to see his son attend the city’s best English-medium private school.

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While the others he meets daily takes a jibe on his socio-economic standing in the society, and education system in the country, he strives hard to save money and pay a huge amount for his only son’s education in a private school. It’s a story of a father’s struggle to fulfill his son’s dreams and desires of #SapneSachKarenge. The narrative of the story is highly dramatized to put forward the conflicts between class, language, and education in India.

The role of Adil Hussain’s wife in the movie is played by Priyanka Bose who works overtime in a utensil factory to save for her studious son (BulBul). Due to all this hassle of getting his son admitted to the best English Medium Private School, Adil Hussain lands into the mess with Police and courts. Sanjay Suri finds him a way out and becomes the film’s saviour despite having such a small stint in the film. He is a top cop who begins teaching the kids in Ambedkar Colony in his spare time.

It’s a back-breaking job to be a rickshaw puller. Adil Hussain has done an unbelievably amazing job as Buchchi. The film has a lot of old-style melodrama dialogues and unlike regular bollwood movies, this film lacks glamour which gives a realistic approach to it. Prakash Jha is quite aware of his Bihar accents, the cadences, and the look of the character of the sahukars and sahebs. I personally feel an amazing job done by Adil Hussain and Priyanka Bose. The film is a one time watch and grabs your eyeballs to focus on one more social problem creeping into becoming big. This film has conveniently proven the statement that society has killed more dreams.

A great intentioned film with amazing direction and a good screenplay has been presented by Prakash Jha. Don’t forget to watch it live streaming on ZEE5.

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