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Trends – Spring 2021 & Beyond – Arjun Kilachand

By Couturier Arjun Kilachand

The pandemic and an eye-opening 2020 has redefined a lot of trends for fashion. 2021 is going to be the year to embrace sustainability and versatility.

Here are the key trends to watch out for in 2021:

1. Versatility:
Men are looking to invest in outfits that can be repurposed and worn more than once. We are constantly reinventing to create styles that can be adapted to be worn on different occasions. Our upcoming collections will feature multi-transitional outfits to effortlessly carry one from day tonight.

2. Minimalism:
We are well known for our densely embroidered sherwani. With weddings becoming more intimate, minimal, sophisticated outfits are slowly replacing ostentatious pieces. We are working towards creating couture pieces that are comfortable, elegant, and are accentuated with hints of minimal embroidery.

3. Going back to our roots:
We are placing our bets on the revival of ancient techniques this year. Chikankari, Resham & other local techniques & traditional hand embroideries will gain precedence over modern production methods. We, as a brand, have always tried to infuse local art forms and aesthetics into our outfits and shall continue to do so this year.

4. Fresh Colours:
In terms of colours, hues of olive green and blush pink will see a surge. Also, monochrome is a trend to watch out for.  Men will be seen experimenting with unique colours and silhouettes. While we are introducing fresh, new hues in our upcoming collection, our clients always have the option to customise an outfit to a colour of their choice.

5. Bespoke Footwear:
Custom-made footwear is grabbing a lot of attention. Customers can pick a base design that matches their preference and a shoe is manufactured as per their size to fit them perfectly.  We, too, will soon be launching our own line of bespoke footwear this year that will feature in-vogue styles such as brogues, oxfords, and loafers, made from the finest quality leather.

To sum it up, sustainable, adaptable, local fashion is all set to rule 2021.

Arjun Kilachand is a luxury men’s label offering Indian ethnic wear and western formals for men. With its seamless integration of rich Indian heritage with modern sensibilities, the brand promises to redefine men’s ethnic fashion with its quality, aesthetics, and style.

As a brand, we promise to satisfy our customers with a tailor made fit and exquisite craftsmanship borne out of a melange of modern and traditional aesthetics.

We are proud to be a brand that is truly ‘Made In India’.

Watch out for these defining traits in our new collections.


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