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Bleeding the Black Code- The Black Lover

By Akshay, Founder of Black Lover

The Indian e-commerce scenario has witnessed a growth spurt in the backdrop of Covid19 scenario. Besides miscellaneous industries, the fashion industry to has seamlessly expanded its footprint online. As per the report provided by Statista, the Indian fashion industry has generated a ballpark revenue of $400m in 2020. With the tech-savvy Gen Z generation being more prone to online shopping, it is often a joy to spot anything which comes with BLACK in it. While bright colours and whites certainly serve their purpose in the summer, ‘black’ still blows your mind off. ‘With the wisdom of hindsight, millennials’ fashion craze is inclined more towards solid and basic prints. Even though they are both eye-catching and comfortable, but black certainly is the coolest kid in the house.

Millennials go gaga over the colour ‘black’ as it adds sophistication to any wardrobe. It is the new go-to for every occasion. Whether a wedding or a night out, black is the new normal. It makes you look more confident, attractive, and enigmatic. For some of the Gen Z people, surviving without black is equal to surviving without water. That said since time immemorial black has been an integral part of our lives and society. Slowly it started transforming into high-end fashion. From wearing it to the office to wearing it at a soirée, black has never disappointed.

Ever since childhood, I have been profoundly attached to the colour – Black. Whether a traditional ceremony or not I would always buy black. The colour not only dominates my wardrobe but also my household. Being a striking neutral colour, I have always found it peaceful and cosy. Growing up I realised I was just one among the myriads of people who is obsessed with this sombre shade. It was then that I came up with the business idea of having an off-the-rack e-commerce store for all the ardent black lovers. Coming from a small town ‘Purnia,’ I always dreamt to start something of my own. But it was not until I met a dear friend Simran in college who rekindled my passion and helped to shape my business idea. Hence, here I am today with my dream fashion brand ‘The Black Lover.’

Ranging from tees to dresses, we have a trending collection all in black for all the lovely women out there. One can simply pick the Girl printed tee, pair it with the Solid Black Jeggings and the Traditional Bellies for an inky black look from head to toe. For a chic look, one can style the Yesterday Not Tomorrow Casual T-shirt Dress with a dangling earring and bracelet and rock any get-together.

Lately, I have realised that men are more likely to pull out the most basic tee from their wardrobe for their everyday wear. Keeping this in mind, we have got an attractive range of printed black tees to suffice their everyday leisurewear needs. Our black polos have been exclusively designed for a smart and casual look while the all-cotton black shirt can give you a charming black semblance for a dinner date when matched with a denim and boat shoe. Besides, the same can also be paired with the basic black tie for a formal style too, because black is simple and easy.

We also have an exciting and fresh range of gym and sportswear for both men and women, with a fusion of black and pink, blue, green and grey. The lovers of black will not be able to take their eyes off the site as an ethnic section is on the cards. We will also be giving our customers the exclusive opportunity to customise their own à la mode attire with the base being in black. To top it all, it will be designed by the professional designers of The Black Lover. That’s not it! They will get their dream outfit a fortnight ahead of their special day. We also plan to launch personalized outfits on their birthdays to make the day even more special for our beloved customers.

Concurrently our Black Store section has a thrilling range of coffee mugs, backpacks, caps, and wallets for millennials. The black cushions, stools and the Budhha effigy can set the tone in your home décor as black has the versatility to fuse into its environment. With the Black Lover by your side, all your dreams in black will come true to live.

Being locked at home does not lock up our fashion sense too. With the pandemic at its peak, the new norm of fashion is to dress good and feel good but AT HOME. The Black Lover’s vision is to bridge the gap between the pandemic and the millennials’ relentless crave for fashion. You can wear the super comfy and funky pyjamas for a good night’s sleep or slide into your basic black tee for your work from home meetings. If you are a morning jogger just lace up the black and white sports shoe for a quick run or a pair of slippers for a quick grocery run but hey, just don’t forget your mask!


  1. good quality even better than the the white one for my husband love it.

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