Nail Care

Nail Care Tips

By Ms. Dipika Parihar

When it comes to fitness and staying healthy, we all are very cautious about our bodies and health. So why not think about it when it comes to nails? Nails are a part of our body though they fit in the fashion category, they are something that one should take the utmost care of as they are extremely delicate and need a lot of care. Here are a few of the quick tips one should keep in mind for nail care:

Manicure and Pedicure-

They consist of nail treatments, as our nails go through a lot of hustle and bustle in the day to day lifestyle of ours. Our hands and feet are used the most every day and so they go through a lot of dusting and changes due to the weather conditions as well as the pollution in the air that causes roughness and dryness to the nails and the skin around it. That is the main reason why manicure and pedicure is so important as; they cure them, they help in preventing any kind of fungal diseases, they give your feet and hands an alluring look, they keep them healthy. (London)

11 in one Solution- 

We at Glam focus on 11 benefits in 1 nail care treatment which is very essential for nail care tips. Such as; it moisturizes the nails, it moisturizes the cuticle areas, prevents it from getting dry, cures and repairs the cracked nails, removes dryness from nails, heals fungal infection of nails, solves in growth problem of nails, controls growth of excess cuticles around nails, hydrates nail, grows nails faster and strengthens weak nails. 

Cuticle Area- 

One needs to keep the area around their nails as clean and beautiful as their nails as the skin around it is quite sensitive. The cuticle area needs to be taken care of as if they aren’t in good condition your nails would be quite poor too. Hence cuticle areas are necessary for your health to be taken good care of as they secure your nails against infections. 

Base Coat- 

Base coats are mainly for enduring manicures. They keep the nails fit as some of them have Vitamin C and aloe Vera that help the nails from breaking, cleaving or blemishing. A base coat often creates a gap to protect your nails from the harmful effects of nail polishing. 

Stained Nails- 

Stained nails can identify your health condition as nails that cause discolour or are damaged due to nail polishes are because of picking up a nail infection or due to some nail product. The easiest way to get rid of them is through; the use of lemon water, rubbing alcohol on fresh nails, use baking soda, soaking your stained nails in tea tree oil could give a naturalistic effect to the nails. 

These tips aren’t quite tough to follow up as when it comes to nails people have the misconception of they fit in the glamorous area and they shouldn’t be given priority but that isn’t the case, nails are beautiful if one takes well care of them and if one keeps them beautiful. So, stay healthy, keeping your nails healthy too. 

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