Cha Bar’s special Janamasthmi Combo

Enhance the festivities at Cha Bar this festival season which is about to peak over in next few days, people are always hunting for refreshments that are not only cool but also add a fair bit of nutritional element to a drink. And to quench your thirst this Janmasthami, Cha Bar has introduced a special combo that comprises an impressive array of refreshing beverages like Milk with Honey & Nuts with Bun Maska at Rs. 100/- only.

The combo is available at Cha Bar while sipping and getting the festive vibes rejuvenating drink. That aside, there’s a delectable range of snacks available to whet your appetite while you flip through the pages of your favorite book. Cha Bar has an exhaustive range of beverages, whether you prefer a rich, full-bodied, strong flavor, or a light fragrant taste.

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