Driveaway those blues with a cup of coffee brewed from the best!

Celebrate International Coffee Day in the Middle Eastern Way with Bayroute! The Middle East is best known for its variety of Coffee. From Arabic Coffee, Turkish Coffee, to Egyptian Coffee or Lebanese Coffee, all of them are prepared in a different way for a different taste. For every Caffeine lover, Middle Eastern Coffee is a blessing! 

For people to enjoy a warm cup of middle eastern coffee in Mumbai, Bayroute – A popular middle eastern fine dine, best known for its Mediterranean cuisine; is serving authentic and traditional middle eastern coffee. Bayroute is loved by Mumbai’s Gourmets, and even the caffeine lovers can’t stop gushing about it! From Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, to Organic Turmeric Latte, Turkish coffee, Moroccan Coffee; Bayroutes menu will surprise you with varieties of traditional Middle Eastern coffee and you will be spoiled for the choice! 

So, what’s a better way than enjoying beans from the Middle East on this International Coffee Day!

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