Holiday season celebrate wit Bayroute!

This Holiday season celebrate with Bayroute!

Bayroute, Mumbai’s premium, and much-loved Middle Eastern fine dining is giving diners even more reasons to rejoice. If you’ve been a regular, there’s good reason to go back to your favorite place because Bayroute has recently unveiled its brand-new menu and it’s all kinds of inviting! From enticing new Bidaayaah and Salata, scrumptious Cold Mezze and Hot Mezze to the ever-irresistible Hummus, Pide, Tara, and Mains, refreshing Cocktails to the most indulgent Desserts – there are additions everywhere!

With its newly launched menu, Bayroute will open its marvelous new world of even more exquisite Middle Eastern fare. With ingredients sourced straight from the souks of the region, it brings alive the most authentic fare from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Morocco. With a signature bar setup that whips up surprising delights, chic rose gold cutlery, and a vibe inspired by Morocco’s famed markets, Bayroute has redefined luxury dining for the discerning foodie.

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