Paint The Town Red this Christmas

Christmas is about celebration, festivities and joy. The joy of life. The joy of sharing and caring. The joy of giving. Christmas is a potpourri of images that grip you with nostalgia and return you to years of childhood innocence. The decked-up Christmas tree with shimmering decorative baubles and twinkling lights, the gifts in the stockings to light up the faces of little angels, the midnight mass. And the gift-giving season has officially arrived Love & Cheesecake.

The classic Christmas Plum Cake is packed with a variety of festive feelings. The fruits are soaked two months in advance at Love and Cheesecake. The Christmas cake is generously packed in with apricots, prunes, cranberries, almonds, raisins and cherries. And, it’s beautifully presented, making it a great centrepiece for your table – or for a friend or family member – perfect as an after-dinner treat to share this festive season.

The Christmas Yule Log and the Eggnog Baked Cheesecakes are a great choice for festive traditionalists, as they fit in so nicely with what’s such an important Christmas tradition in many households, but with a fun chocolatey, cheesecake twist. The Yule Log at Love and Cheesecake is a deep, dark chocolate cake rolled with a glossy ganache and topped with Christmas goodies. The Eggnog Cheesecake is a unique patisserie rendition of your favourite holiday beverage.

For little ones, it’s got to be the Christmas Cookie Baubles, a collection of customisable ginger and butter cookies. Then there’s the Merry & Bright Christmas Cupcakes, a lovely little combination of red, green and white festive cupcakes topped with edible Christmas elements. The cupcakes come in red velvet, blueberry and vanilla flavours.

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