Freedom From Diabetes led by acclaimed diabetes researcher Dr. Pramod Tripathi kickstarts ‘Diabetes Free Mumbai’ movement’

The movement aims to free 100,000 diabetics by 2022 using diet, exercise, inner transformation and medical support.

Committed to a Diabetes free society, Dr Pramod Tripathi, MBBS, of Freedom from Diabetes, welcomed Hon Chief Minister, Shri Devendra Fadnavis today to join the ‘Diabetes Free Mumbai’ movement at Sahara Star in Mumbai. Through this Dr Tripathi and his team aim to spread awareness about the holistic approach that has helped many diabetics overcome their ailment. The “Ambassadors of Freedom”, who by following the Freedom From Diabetes protocols strictly, are now free from all medication for the ailment, were also felicitated for their dedication and hard work by the esteemed guests of the event. They are true examples of how one can live a diabetes-free life by following simple steps of this movement and form a part of a large number of people who have clinically been proven to be glucose tolerant following this movement’s protocol.

Other notable Guests at the event were:

● Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Co-founder and Managing Director of Hiranandani Group

● Padmashri Dr Mukesh Batra, Chairman Emeritus of Dr Batra’s Group Positive Health Clinic Pvt Ltd

Speaking on the work done by Dr Pramod Tripathi and his Organization as well as Healthcare as a whole, the Hon Chief Minister had the following to say,

“Healthcare is something which affects our community. The amount of money which we spend on healthcare has increased 3-4 folds and an average Indian, especially the middle class. People are getting aware that we are in an emergency situation with regards to lifestyle health issues and we have to act soon. I would like to congratulate Dr. Tripathi for taking up this initiative and for such wonderful work where he is not just treating people but ensuring thousands of people to acknowledge that they need a treatment that can cure them.

Thanks to all the testimonials I heard from people today I think it is possible to make Maharashtra diabetes free. We would like to join this movement which Dr. Tripathi and team have started and ensure the complete support of the government so that it reaches every single person in the state of Maharashtra. Diseases such as diabetes have become very common and I think it is not just medicines that will help but this protocol that Dr. Tripathi has created which will work more and we should aim in taking this protocol to everyone in the days to come.”

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