Ideas to brighten up your kitchen this festive season!

No matter what the season is, a kitchen is always the heart of the home. With the onset of the festive season starting with Navratri, the festive cleaning, painting touch up, shopping, among others must be in full swing. If adding a few touches to your kitchen is a part of your plan, then Nikhil Chopra, Director – Mirius Interni LLP, Stosa Cucine, an Italian modular kitchen brand, explains how to go about it.”Splash of colours can be added to open elements, profile grooves, plinths and maybe some units to stop the monotony of neutral shades. Colours can also be added to counter tops and the wall dado areas. Colours in the shades of black, white, grey, cream, pastels, metallic shades suit the Indian style of kitchen and also adding wooden/marble textures add value to the overall look of the kitchen.”
1) Think carefully about the colour you want to choose, it shouldn’t be too gaudy for you to dislike it in the future.
2) Glossy light colours add real chic and prestige to your kitchen. This also brings a soothing effect to your space.
3) Kitchen shutters with combination of coloured shutters and textured Shutters make the best pair.
1) Never add colour to your complete kitchen, it may look fancy initially but slowly you will start getting bored of the same.
2) Dont choose very bright/dark colours in case your kitchen is small, because bright/dark colours make the kitchen look even more smaller.
3) Don’t add funky colours to your kitchen pallete. 

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