By Jasmine Khanna

Uncertainty has hit us, not just a couple of us but mostly all of us. We are highly uncertain of how long this uncertainty will last and how will it shape up in the coming times. Some people are scared, some people have disengaged, and some haven’t processed anything yet.

The best part is everyone has found something to do. People have at least identified these are times like no other and have to be lived differently as well. Some are making the most of every moment; some are already anticipating changes we will face once there is some sort of a hold on the uncertainty.

It’s amazing though how quickly we are trying and we have adapted, our brain and body is in full gear again, in survival mode without much warning. New concepts of time and space have evolved giving us the opportunity to look inward and accordingly respond outward. No matter how public or private, people are finding and have found ways to cope, live and let live.

Everyone has adjusted surprisingly quickly and how lucky are we to be able to have done that? How privileged are we to have the intelligence to understand the individual and collective consequences, this pandemic has given rise to? How lucky are we to even make sense and attribute some logic to this fear and prep accordingly?

Unfortunately there are some who haven’t been able to do so, who have absolutely no understanding of what’s happened and are hanging on the cusp of survival. The streets may be quiet and the roads cleaner than ever, but they are haunted by the fear, confusion and distress of these animals running around.

With a sense of abandonment, hungry and restless they are barely making it through. More than our hearts you can sense the alarm and agitation in their voice, crying out of help, desperate for relief.

And yes there are some of us who realize survival is not just about surviving alone, no matter what Darwin said, you just cannot ignore what’s happening to the helpless and frightened around us. Going beyond survival and personal growth there are a handful of us dedicated to feeding these animals and strays.

One of my friends Anupam has been working very aggressively and fearlessly towards this cause. He started on his own and in less than a month he has himself undertaken the responsibility of feeding almsot 150-200 strays a day in Noida.

Anupam has formed three clusters and in groups these people go and feed strays. It is absolutely heartbreaking and heartwarming to see how these doggies gather around for food. These continuous efforts have brought about some changes and these people are open to donations.

Food preparation

This is what Anupam has to say “Be kind to every kind, not just mankind…”

To me being alive means feeding hungry souls… Gift me a group of stray dogs and I shall gift you a beautiful world !

I am hoping that all of us are feeding strays during these tough times of the lockdown, as they tend to remain hungry all day long. I am trying to cover as many street dogs as possible across the city. Please be kind to all animals on the street. They have equal rights to live in the society as much as we humans do.

I urge you all to feed one stray a day. One bowl from every home will make a huge difference to their world.”

“Let’s do our bit in the society and make a difference – #feedthestrayschallenge ”

I urge you to follow his efforts on Instagram- 

and support this cause as much and as far as possible.

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  1. Definitely. This is such a great initiative.
    I request everyone to help and spread as much as possible.

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