It’s going to be a big hit: Puneet Sachdev about ACB

Actor Puneet Sachdev has always been a big cricket fan and is looking forward to being part of the Actors Cricket Bash.

1. Actors Cricket Bash is the newest cricket league. How do you feel being part of it as it is original cricket with actual cricket kit?

It’s great being part of this wonderful league. It is real cricket that we will be playing and that’s a big plus. It will be great fun playing with and against your colleagues from the TV industry. 

2. ACB will only have men as cricket players so will the competition streak be more? 

I don’t think that makes a difference. Any form of cricket eventually becomes competitive, everybody plays to win. 

3. What do you think of cricket which is religion in India

You said it! It’s a religion! 

4. Which is your favourite Test matches, One day or T20 matches? 

Test Cricket any day!

5. This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time? 

We have a great chance of lifting this World Cup. We just have to get the team selection right.

6. How you are preparing for ACB? 

 I am waiting for the nets to start, but mental work is on.

7. Who is your favourite cricketer and why? 

 I have grown up watching Sachin Tendulkar. He is the greatest of them all! 

8.  What are your expectations from Actors Cricket bash

It’s going to be a big hit !!!

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