Winning BCL was a dream for me: Rafi Malik

Actor Rafi Malik is ecstatic as his team Delhi Dragons lifted the BCL trophy this year. In a candid chat, the actor tells us what this win means to him. 

How do you feel about winning BCL this year?

Winning BCL was a dream. We put in so much effort into winning the trophy. After three seasons, it finally happened. It’s an amazing feeling. I am very happy about it.

What contributed the most in the teams winning?

I think this time we had the best team, overall balanced in each and every section plus our coach Shusuhrut sir did an amazing job at the practice session. We had immense support of our owners in every way.

You won the man of the match, how do you feel? 

Winning man of the match in both semi-final and final was like a cherry on the cake. I gave my best against all the teams and the result is here.

Who were your favourite players and why? 

My favourite player was Aadesh and Puru. Aadesh was fearless this time he went on the field and did what other batters couldn’t deliver. Puru was all cool on the field, he managed field placement and was bucking up the players.

Why do you feel this year’s BCL was more special than previous seasons? 

I guess this time we had 6 teams and we got to play with all the teams in the league matches. I had no injuries this year so I could give my 100 per cent which gave me a good boost to do my best in this season and that’s how we won the trophy. It is my 1st BCL trophy which makes it more special.

Any controversies you experienced in this season? 

There was a big and lame controversy regarding ball tempering as Chennai swaggers accused us that we manufacturing our own BCL balls and inject some kind of steroids to make the ball go fast and swing more. This was really lame and funny!

The concept of four has clicked do you agree? 

I agree the concept of four has clicked. This year BCL season was 4 and they introduced a new rule regarding 4 fours and getting an extra run for that. Everything fell in place for me.

How would u sum up the whole experience?

This year experience was really good as I performed my best, my team performed the best and we had not lost a single match. I started by winning the player of the match and ended in 2 men of the matches in the semi-final and final as well. Contributing in teams win is always what I have dreamt of and it could not get better than this.

What is the best part of a tournament like BCL for you? Also, is there any part of the league that you would like to change?

We actors are busy with our shoots but this game format brings us all together on a single platform, which is amazing. We all have a good time and anything which includes cricket is mind-blowing for me. I don’t think this league needs any change or add anything. Everything is working out as of now which is great in its own way.

It is often said that BCL is as much about drama and controversies as it is about cricket. But do you feel that this is what makes BCL stand out?

It is true that it is as much as of drama and controversies, as much as cricket. We all know cricket is a game of passion and aggression. Also, where actors come on the same platform to play a game like this there’s always going to be a lot of drama and controversies which is fun in its own special way.

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