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For the Love of Stage

An award-winning television and event anchor/presenter, Kavea R Chavali has electrifying enthusiasm coupled with experience that makes her a natural choice for various national and international events and conferences. A born performer, she has hosted over 1000 shows around the globe in just a few years. Her affinity with the mike and camera, along with her natural charm and grace, make her a huge hit on the stage and off it. Be it hosting a show or setting the ramp on fire with her modeling skills she rocks every role she takes up with equal ease and conviction. Zeba Khan got a chance to speak to her about what it takes to be a top-notch performer on stage.

What made you choose anchoring as a career?
As cliched as it sounds it was pure and unadulterated passion.As a child, I would take newspapers and read it as though it was my teleprompter,which is why when I have host on stage with a teleprompter people are amused how natural I make it look. Hardwork pays indeed.I would work on my voice texture and mannerisms to make it sound smooth yet efficient. I always knew I will choose the mic and the camera to be my best friends in my career.

Forthe Love ofStage | Kavea R Chavali | iCraze Magazine
Kavea Chavali

You have compered shows oversees as well as in India, what basic difference do you find in the audience?
Oh yes that’s where the globetrotting bit comes. I find Indian production teams extremely creative by the way. One of the basic differences I see is the way the manpower functions.In India it is hands-on and you will have the assistance immediately.However,you cannot expect the same abroad. What they get right is the punctuality.They respect time and if a show is supposed to start at 6.30 in the evening, it will start at 6.30 for sure, even if some of the prominent guests are missing.

Do anchors rehearse before the final take on stage?
There are shows where a proper dry run takes place with the teleprompter and script and sometimes a full-blown rehearsal happens especially where two hosts are on stage or when a government function is taking place due to protocol adherence.During the product launch the sequence has to be right throughout the show. 

Who is your personal favourite host?
In the live events space I truly admire Gaurav Kapur not just because of his personality on stage but his knowledge and personality off stage. I had a hosted few shows with him and each time I go back learning a nuance from him.
On television it has to be Shereen Bhan, the Managing Editor of CNBC TV 18.I have been watching her for the last 16 years and her work and style was also one of the reasons I decided to become an Anchor.

How do you keep yourself groomed and fit?
I love to indulge in different workouts and being a trained dancer, I have been blessed with a very elegant stance. This helps me fit into any kind of outfit with absolute grace.I love my weight training,Pilates and functional training with my personal trainer.I am a foodie so it’s important that I get the right dose of exercise to balance my love for food.

Forthe Love ofStage | Kavea R Chavali | iCraze Magazine
Kavea R Chavali

What according to you are the requisites for being an engaging host?

Firstly one must know that you are on the stage to be a sutradhar and not a Star.So let the show be about the show and the people in it and not about You, just because the spotlight falls on you.

Secondly read well. Know the industry or the organisation that is hiring you. Read quotes, stories, news because knowledge is always respected.

Thirdly do not and I repeat do not put on an accent.Be real .Work on your diction but do not change your accent. If it’s fake people will know and it frankly is such a turn off.

Finally know the format of the show. Does it require you to be a formal person as in a government function or a high energy Anchor in corporate shows and annual evenings or be an engaging one on a celebrity interview format.Know it well and ask the right questions to your client.Once you know the format you can dress right for it and adopt the right style for the show. 

You dabble into a number of professions and skills, from being a stage presenter, to modelling and also acting, which one is your favourite?
For a true entertainer or a performer there will never be a favourite. As an anchor, I have utilised my talents in singing and acting on stage. Being one of the very few emcees to open the shows in a theatrical style.This happens only in international shows but I have done it for some of the big Indian shows too. Also the love for camera and audience is the main reason whyI love to excel as a stage presenter, actor and anchor too.

How would you like to be known as ten years down the line?
To the world, as a very successful Speaker and an entrepreneur. To myself, as the one who continues to do what I love and love what I do.

Forthe Love ofStage | Kavea R Chavali | iCraze Magazine
Kavea R Chavali

Since you are a live performer, what gives you the confidence to manage bloopers, if any?
Aaah good question…many a times we are not prepared for any bloopers, but when it happens all the focus comes on the Anchor/emcee. I have realised that it’s always good to own it and apologise than try and cover it up.However, most of the times I have apologised after relating that blooper to something humorous so that the attention on that mistake vanishes.This one time the award presentation went off and I humorously related it to my next category which was Beat technology Award.The other time the console/production team was delaying in playing a video I summoned for so I sang the ‘FRIENDS’ theme song with the line – It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear….and went on …while the audience laughed and applauded the console got time to plug in their switches right. What has to be done has to be done.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
I was once told by a very famous actor that if enthusiasm and energy could be summed up in a book then I would be the title.Also, a common compliment that I keep getting is on my voice. I am always told that I have the best voice and diction in the industry, that feels nice.I have worked hard on training it so it shows.

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