GoodDot’s Do Good Ad campaign, Neeraj Chopra

GoodDot’s Do Good Ad campaign features Neeraj Chopra

The campaign has been conceptualized with a “Do Good” motto and deploys the best-of-its-kind visual effects

India’s leading plant-based meat brand GoodDot has recently launched its national ad campaign that promotes the message of ‘Do Good’. The ad features GoodDot’s brand ambassador Neeraj Chopra. With the use of the latest technology and VFX-based techniques, they have made the advertisement level meet international standards by creating a realistic animation character of GoodDot’s mascot GoodDo – The Goat. Interestingly GoodDo was rescued from a slaughterhouse in 2017 and now resides in Udaipur. The amazing effects of the commercials are created by P3 Animation Studio.

The highlight of the ad is the wonderful acting of Neeraj Chopra and the funny interaction with GoodDo – the goat. The 3 scenes in the ad subtly pass on the message that sometimes people get lazy and commit mistakes like littering, breaking the queue, not following the traffic signals. In the ad, Neeraj Chopra is seen as having an urge to commit the above mistakes, but his inner conscience in the form of GoodDot, the animated goat prevents him from committing the mistake and obeying the rules and the social etiquettes.

Commenting on the commercial, Neeraj says, “I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Do Good campaign with the GoodDot team. I love the fact that the simple message of doing the right thing is being told in this manner, and hope people can resonate with this message when they watch the films. I was lucky to have GoodDo by my side through the various situations in the ads, and would urge everyone to channel their inner GoodDo when facing tricky situations in life.”

The scenes have been beautifully shot and the important message of being good and doing good is passed on very subtly in a fun form. Towards the end of each scene, GoodDot embeds a message of the benefits of plant-based meat in terms of health, taste, and reducing cruelty to animals. 

“We are beyond excited to release this ad. This ad communicates the ethos of our brand GoodDot in a very clear and strong format. We were pleasantly surprised by the amazing acting of Neeraj Chopra. Being a first-hand witness to the shoot, I was inspired by the work ethic of Neeraj as he put in his all in the acting. Having GoodDo our incredible goat in this ad is extra special as this fun representation of GoodDo will help the audience relate more to the beauty of the animal world. The production and the animation team have done a fantastic job and this ad is right up there with the best in the globe. I am super proud of my team and we are blessed to have Neeraj & GoodDo telling our story to the world”, said Abhishek Sinha, Co-Founder, and CEO, GoodDot, on the commercial Launch.

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