#CARFIE: Celebrities first car

#CARFIE: Celebrities on buying their first car, and the prized photo with their dream machines

Buying your very own car is one of the best feelings in the world. From being overjoyed and excited to not being able to wait to drive it around or ride it, there are many emotions that burst within when our first car comes home. Celebrities share their first car emotions with us, special memories, and if at all they have given a name to their dream machine. Find out more:

Somy Ali

My first car was a red Camaro when I turned 16. Best car ever! It was a used car and my mom bought it for me. I didn’t get to drive it much as soon after the purchase I moved to India. I don’t have a picture with me in it, but this was the car.

Pragati Mehra

The first car at home, I don’t really have a memory of coz as far as I can remember we always had a car. So that happened before I was born and knew of cars as a necessity. But my very first car with my own money came home in 2008. It was an SX4, don’t think Maruti does not manufacture it anymore! So the thrill wasn’t about driving it because that happened way back when I was 17 or 18. But the thrill was that I bought it with ‘my’ own money. No, I never gave cars any name, I don’t attach myself to worldly things, at least I try not to. Moreover, I prefer changing cars every four years so what’s the point of getting attached to something you know for sure will be changed.

 Pranav Misshra

I never gave a name to my first car but precisely remember that my first car came home in 2013, during the onset of the rainy season. I was sitting in my car and the first drop of rain fell on the front glass of the car aur bada ajeeb sa laga tha, in a good way because I remember the year before that during rains I had to travel on autorickshaw’s and used to get drenched. So yes that’s the memory I have with my first car.

Angad Hasija

By God’s grace, I have always had a car. But there is this special moment I remember when on my birthday my mother gifted me a car. I had just come back home after pack-up and the doorbell rang, when I opened the door I saw my brother standing outside and I was quite shocked as he lives in Chandigarh. So, then he took me downstairs and showed me the car, a Mercedes, that was my birthday gift sent by mom. That was one of the best moments. Maine kabhi socha nahi tha ki mujhe koi car gift karega woh bhi Mercedes.

Sham Mashalkar

About 18 years back I got my first car when I was only doing advertisements etc. It was a black Maruti Alto. I remember when I was about to go get the delivery of the car something happened with my shoot and I couldn’t go so I asked my friend to take the delivery and keep it with himself, and I got the car the next day. Uss samay theek se gaadi chalaane bhi nahi aati thi, but I used to manage it. I used to enjoy traveling in my own car, my wife in that car to Pune. Ours was an arranged marriage, so the time spent in the car traveling the Bombay-Pune highway was special. We spoke a lot, listened to good music and had so much fun.

Saanand Verma

My first car was a Maruti 800, back in 2001. It was a second-hand car that I had purchased and was very happy about. At that time I didn’t know how to drive so I joined a motor training school and learned it. So I remember, with my learner’s license I decided to drive my car from Mira Road to Andheri, and for the first time in my life I sat in the driver’s seat in a normal car and drove about 50 km amid the traffic in my first attempt, so I was over the moon. It was an awesome feeling. Later I brought various other cars. Right now I have an Audi A3 and I’m really happy with it.

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