The Great Visioners Awards Season-2

Following the tremendous success of the first edition, the Great Visioners Awards presented by Crossword Public Relations will return with their second edition in Delhi in 2023. The goal of the award is to honor outstanding efforts made by diverse service providers across all market segments and industry verticals. Celebrities and renowned socialites are expected to attend the event. In addition to recognizing the leaders’ continuous dedication to excellence, the event will feature a panel discussion with the inspiring leaders shaping India’s future. During the event, lectures by well-known business people will cover a range of viewpoints.

Significant figures from the hospitality, medical, educational, and various commercial sectors are anticipated to attend the event. Additionally slated to attend and share their opinions are a number of politicians, social professionals, and celebrities. This year’s celebration will also recognize the digital artists who are contributing to the digital world. The dialogues would be informative, captivating, and exciting to ensure that everyone in attendance got the most out of the event.

Director of Crossword Public Relations Rajnish Jain said: ‘The announcement of “The Great Visioners Awards 2023’s second season fills us with joy. It brings us great joy to recognize and acknowledge the great visionaries in India and their contributions to our society after the first season’s tremendous success. We anticipate that, like the previous edition, this one will be a huge success.’

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