Muskan Bamne

Be it negative or positive, I am happy that the audience gets convinced: Muskan Bamne on playing Pakhi in Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s ‘Anupamaa’

Muskan Bamne plays the youngest child, Pakhi Shah, of Vanraj and Anupamaa in Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa”. It is one of the most interesting characters of the show because much like a teenager in real life, Pakhi too goes through various emotions and mood swings, and Muskan plays it with utmost perfection. 

Sharing the feedback that she gets for her performance, the young actress said, “I think if you are doing a positive character people will love you, and if you play a negative character they will hate you because after a point the audience gets connected to the characters they see on-screen. And Pakhi plays both. Sometimes she is supporting Anupamaa, sometimes she is totally against her. Be it negative or positive, I am happy that the audience gets convinced, their feedback and reactions tell me whether my emotions were able to reach them or not.” 

The show recently saw Anupamaa’s college mate Anuj Kapadia entry, which changed a few relationship dynamics. Talking about that, Muskan said, “People are loving Anuj and his bonding with GK (Gopi Kaka). It’s adorable yet funny how he calls him ‘mummy’. Also, Vanraj is irritated seeing Anupamaa succeeding with Anuj.” 

“As for Pakhi, she is in a confused state right now. Earlier she had an issue that her parents were getting divorced, and now that Anuj is here, she is supportive of her mother succeeding but at the same time she is frightened that whether they will continue being friends or something else will happen,” she added.  Muskan was all praise for producer Rajan Shahi and said that he is involved in every step of the show. 

“It’s amazing working with Rajan sir and Director’s Kut Productions. We shoot daily and Rajan sir is so involved in every little step, and that reflects in the way the audience is appreciating the show,” she concluded.

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