Celebrities favorite Curtain bangs haircut

Celebrities favorite Curtain bangs haircut back in action and here’s how to achieve the looks

By Mr. Sameer Hamdare, Zonal Technical Manager at Streax Professional

Curtain bangs are one of the hottest new hair trends making a comeback in 2022. The bang haircut was never totally out of fashion as we see many celebs donning this look quite often.

Curtain bangs are a form of haircut that frames the face on all sides. The interesting part about this style is that it works for all face shapes and there are various ways to twist the look according to your mood. The curtain bangs sometimes are difficult to hold yet easy to wear, framing your face like a curtain frames a window. This haircut adds charm to your crowning glory.

Many celebrities were seen in curtain bangs hairstyle in movies, social media and choosing it as their go-to haircut in real life too. Bollywood actresses like Priyanka, Disha, Katrina often prefer curtain bangs look with long or short hair length. To make this haircut your style quotient too, Mr. Sameer Hamdare, Zonal Technical Manager at Streax Professional is here to unlock Bollywood actresses curtain bangs haircut that you can also try.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra was seen with long hair, short hair, a sleek appearance, a bob cut, but the star has
always donned the curtain bangs style be it any hair length. It proves that every haircut looks well on
this diva. She has embellished her curtain bangs in many ways, whether her hair is loose, pony, or in
a bun. So, let’s follow these steps to achieve Priyanka’s curtain bangs look.

Step1: Remove a center profile parting
Step2: Remove a triangle in the front and tie the rest of the hair in a high bun
Step3: Now decide on the length you want to cut, start from nose length, and cut a straight line
Step4: Now divide the triangle from the center
Step5: Now over direct the right side of the hair to the left keeping your finger parallel to the section and cut short to long for long edgy ends
Step6: Follow the same on another side, blow-dry to finish the look

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor has naturally beautiful hair and can carry off any hairdo with ease. Janhvi not only in her films but from her social media has rocked some amazing curtain bangs hairstyles, no doubt these looks are ideal for every girl. The star has worn the curtain bangs look along with her unruly, wavy hair, completing her appearance perfectly. Let’s see the steps to achieve her look.

Step1: Begin with dry, straightened hair you want to chop up
Step2: Section off the hair to make a middle partition
Step3: Comb through the hair
Step4: Decide the length of the hair you want to cut
Step5: Make the initial cut to your chin level
Step6: Sharpen your cut equally on both sides
Step7: Finally texturize your bangs and tie a half bun toward the middle of your head
Step8: Finish off your look by keeping the remaining hair loose

Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz the internet’s favorite star stunned her admirers with the curtain bangs haircut after Priyanka Chopra, Shehnaaz was seen in bangs as her go-to style. The star has been acing these beautiful flicks of short hair over her forehead look like no one else. No wonder, the curtain bangs look makes her fan go crazy for her even more. Let’s follow the steps below to get this look.

Step1: Take a small section of hair in a triangle shape in the front which ends at mid of eyebrow
Step2: Straighten your hair with an iron and tie the rest of the hair in a high ponytail
Step3: Initial cut little below the eyebrow, keeping the sides long to give edgy ends
Step4: Shorten the bangs length of your choice and blow-dry
Step4: Texturize your bangs to finish off the look

Disha Patani

Yet another Bollywood sensation, rocked the curtain bangs look in her movies, social media, and real life too. Disha with her naturally luscious tresses seen dazzling in the fringed hair look for the longest time. While Disha has wavy hair, she never forgets to style her curtain bangs to give her tresses a more dense look. The actress makes this curtain bangs style more appealing with her captivating public appearances. Here are the steps to achieve this look.

Step1: Begin with damp hair
Step2: Section the hair into a small triangle in the front which ends at mid of the eyebrow
Step3: Comb through the hair
Step4: Initial cut the hair till eyebrow and shorten it to fall over the forehead
Step5: Make the final cut and blow-dry
Step6: Use a tong to beach curl your remaining hair
Step7: Tie a half-up ponytail
Step8: Side part your bangs to style and finish this look

Katrina Kaif

Finally, the most talked-about actress in the town Katrina never fails to amaze her fans with her flattering hairstyles. Bollywood’s iconic diva chooses to keep her scattered bangs perfectly falling over her forehand with most of her haircuts. Whether short or long hair length she keeps her fringes styled every often to frame her face. No doubt, Katrina can rock any hair look with ease and style. Follow these steps to get this look.

Step1: Begin with damp hair
Step2: Section the hair into a small triangle in the front till the end of the eyebrow
Step3: Comb the hair in the front
Step4: Decide on the length you want the bangs
Step5: Do a point cutting to give texture and movement to hair
Step6: Give layers to the remaining hair on both sides for a finished look
Step7: Blow-dry bangs and finishes off with keeping the hair loose

Curtain bangs can never go out of fashion. You can style this versatile haircut with short, long, straight, curly hair and we bet this will suit every face shape if cut and styled properly. We hope these celebrity-aced bangs inspired you to give your usual hair a twist of bangs.

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