Neha Adhvik Mahajan

Yesshe madeit! Neha Adhvik Mahajan- Makeup artist

Yesshe madeit! Neha Adhvik Mahajan- Makeup artist

Yesshe madeit! Neha Adhvik Mahajan- Makeup artist

Yesshe madeit! Neha Adhvik Mahajan- Makeup artist

Yes she made it!
Neha Adhvik Mahajan

Neha Adhvik Mahajan is a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Stylist, and Bridal Makeover Specialist who runs NAM Makeovers. She has opened a multi-designer outlet called ‘Kasbah’ in Ludhiana in collaboration with her husband Adhvik. She has styled many celebrities and loves to experiment with looks.

Neha sits in a candid conversation with Nadia Malik.

Tell us something about yourself and your career so far, what made you look up to careers like becoming a Makeup Artist and a stylist?
I was born and brought up in Jalandhar (Punjab) and I am a qualified fashion designer with an additional degree of M.B.A. in Design management. While in Punjab, I noticed that females used to frequently move out for shopping in these metro cities. After marriage when I moved to Mumbai, I along with my husband formed an events company and organized grand weddings and lifestyle exhibitions in Punjab
with participating designers coming from all over the country. After a couple of years’ experience, we opened our first multi-designer outlet called " Kasbah" in Ludhiana. My husband is an actor so my
friends/social circle in Mumbai is majorly of all actors. Since I was already into designing and supplying to my store, on a personal note I also loved to dress up and want everyone around me should be beautifully dressed. So, my husband Adhvik and my industry friends suggested me to seriously take up styling as a profession.

Taking up makeup was another new thing, being a designer I have always had a good hand in drawings, sketches etc. so maybe that is the reason I could do good makeup. So like most other things in my life Adhvik motivated me to take makeup also as a profession and he has this strong belief that I have the caliber to become the best makeup artist of India. Once I decided to be a makeup artist, I took professional training and took the help of some tutorials. See now I am here growing each day.

What are your favorite things about your job and least favorite?
I get to meet so many new people and interact with them on a personal level to solve their makeup and styling issues. Also, I love to travel and stay at the most exotic and luxurious locations around the globe so that’s a bonus that comes with this profession.

Least favorite is packing bags. Yes, seriously it may sound weird but since there is a lot of travel involved, so I literally live out of a suitcase for major period and I hate packing and unpacking so often.
Secondly, when I am out of Mumbai for work, I miss Adhvik the most.

What has been the most memorable moment of your career, so far?
When Adhvik proudly gave a statement to media that his wish has finally come true and one day Neha shall be successful enough so that people will address me as Neha’s husband rather than addressing her only as an actor’s wife. He has dreamt for me more than I could ever and this everyone who knows me will agree to.

What challenges do you have as a makeup artist and as a stylist?
Every new assignment comes with new challenges because all my clients (celebrity or non-celebrity)have different tastes and demands for every occasion, but that's the best part. Additionally, everyone has a
different skin type and face structure which I study properly before using the products and techniques of makeup. Same way while styling I have to keep in mind the body type, personality, and the occasion; accordingly
dress them as aptly as possible. But sometimes it is a task to convince clients especially actors as they have their creative inputs, so yes sometimes we do face creative differences but it all contributes to make the complete look better. At the end of the day when my effort gets appreciated in the way of my clients getting compliments, nothing beats that feeling, it’s all worth it.

What goals do you wish to achieve in the future?
In the near future, I wish to style Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, and Sonam Kapoor. My ultimate aim is to be the best bridal makeup artist in India. I want to make each and every bride feel like a princess on her most
an important day of life.

What trends do you love right now?
Tassels and a lot of bling are in these days, it gives an interesting twist to traditional outfits. You will see all renowned designers are using this with their creations and I am in love with it.

Which trends do you wish to disappear?
I just hate fur on clothes. So many designers are going over the top with fur on their creations. My advice please let it be on animals, we do not need it.

If you could choose anyone to give a makeover, who would it be and why?
I would love to give Richa Chadda a complete bridal makeover. I believe that she will look like a million bucks in that bridal avatar contrary to her image of Bholi Punjaban. She is one of those few actresses who are naturally blessed with beautiful Indian looks and a deadly combination of innocence and intensity.

Let’s say you could travel back in time to one fashion era, where would you end up? What did you
like about that period?
70’s was the best era in makeup. The winged eyeliner trend, basically bold eyes and nude lips was quite a hit. In clothing short blouses with skirts, bell-bottomed pants, polka dots, bell sleeves, short dresses and so
much more was there to experiment. Also, headgears and chokers were in high demand. You will notice that all these trends are back in demand these days, as they say, fashion comes back in a full circle.

What advice would you give to an upcoming fashion stylist?
As I am new really old into this business and I am learning new tricks every day. But I would just want to advise not to look out for shortcuts, the more you will grind on the field the more you will grow. Keep yourself updated with trends and styles worldwide, it has become a lot easier as all resources are available online. Give importance to practical internships and training, no matter how qualified you are for the job. Most of all believe in you, be patient with the client’s demands, and always be a learner. Success will be yours sooner or later.

Describe a time early in your career where you felt you could say, ‘I made it’.
I think it’s too early in my career to think or say so. But there are so many moments in my daily work routine when I am able to make my clients happy and they earn compliments for their looks, makeup, or styling. I just make a prayer to God and think ‘Yes’ I am reaching close to my goals and dreams.

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