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10 best styling tips for a saree in 2021

By celebrity stylist Hetal Jogi

Saree styling tip 1 – One of the unique styles of draping saree is draped in a way looking like a dupatta which looks very different from usual.

Tip 2 – Saree draped in Palazoo styled is the most comfortable and convenient style of saree it gives the fabulous look of your style personality.

Tip 3– Double draping saree can be paired with full sleeves and a high neck blouse in order to give a different and modern look to your saree style.

Tip 4- Pant style Saree is where you can wear a saree with pants instead of a petticoat this is an excellent way where you seek comfort more than fashion.

Tip 5– Saree with Sharara pants can be paired with one shoulder blouse and belt it will give totally different style to your personality.

Tip 6– Saree with the long trail is a great way to merge traditional and modern touch as it looks saree style from front and Gown from the backside.

Tip 7 – Saree draping in Dhoti style tends to grab the attention right away. Dhoti style gives a unique and traditional look to your style.

Tip 8 – Gujrati Style Saree Draping just like their Food Gujarati’s have their own special way of saree draping as well where pallu comes from behind shoulder to front style.

Tip 9– Saree draping around the neck is quite an attractive way of draping it gives a look of dupatta as well to your style.

Tip 10– Saree paired with Jacket and Belt gives a modern touch to your saree style once you drape your normal saree wear a jacket and an embroidered waist belt look will be an eye-catching style.

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