Upcoming trends in the footwear industry that is set to elevate your style

By Sri Nagarjuna Parvataneni, Managing Director, Cameleo Fashion

In 2021, the footwear industry looks more than just being fashion-driven. Not only are luxury footwear brands developing their ingredient transparency— to address sustainability measures and regulations, but there has also been a real shift in consumers becoming more conscious and mindful about their choices.

Regardless, no one can have enough shoes…so what are you waiting for? Let the world be your runway with these upcoming trends within the footwear industry that is gearing to amp up your style quotient in 2021.

Goodbye heels and stiffed shoes!

Lately, we have felt the urge to invest in comfortable yet chic footwear rather than heels or stiff shoes, that may look appealing at first but in the end cause you irritation. People splurged on higher-priced options such as fur-lined Ugg products or thigh-high boots for the winter season. Crocs flats are known for their homely but comfortable signature foam clog, also have been super hot.

Return of classic items

We’ve seen the 80’s fashion paving its way back and we are all rooting for it. With that being said, classic pumps still remain a huge fashion statement for decades and as we enter into a new decade the classic footwear item still remains a favorite.

Sustainable footwear brands

The fashion industry was the second industry that was severely impacted by the travel industry. Although this somehow made way for a sustainable approach within one’s fashion choices as well. Footwear brands have emerged to be cruelty-free and environmental friendly brands, promoting a sustainable cause. This seems to have a long run in 2021 and the coming more years.

The emergence of homegrown brands

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision of going #Vocalforlocal would mean buying local products to help reduce the footprints of transportation of goods and raw materials. Moreover, the idea is to focus on adapting to products that grow locally and are naturally occurring. Meanwhile, factors such as quality and durability would also become more important. Therefore, though sustainability is becoming a necessity today, it might turn out to be the trend tomorrow.

The emergence of an Infant High End & Luxury Footwear Market

Though compared to the other footwear segments in India, the premium and luxury segment is very small and in terms of sales, it amounts only approx Rs 450 crore as per ASSOCHAM data. Although this has not prevented many international players from making an India entry. In fact, their entry has hugely helped in raising the aspiration level of the consumers really high. Moreover, the trend of luxury footwear at affordable prices is set to be a big thing in the coming years.

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