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Aam ka mosam abhi, milega mango yahi ! – Mango Recipes by Hitchki

The season of Mangoes is here, and the best way to celebrate the same is with scrumptious mango dishes curated to delight your palate.

Below are mango based recipes by Chef Ajay Thakur, Hitchki Resto Bar

The curated menu consists of:

  • Aamrish Puri Returns
  • Hamari Mango Puri Karo

So, all mango lovers out there, it’s time to relish the  Aam with not so aam dishes


Aam Ras (kgs) 50gm
Aamrakhand Mousse 60gm
Alphonso Cheese Cake 95gm
Aam Papad 20gm
Mango Barfi 50gm
Ice Cream Mango Ltrs. 32gm
Amul Fresh Cream (ltr.) 20gm
Mango – Alphonso (kgs) 31gm
Mango Bite 4 No’s

Cream Cheese
Amul Fresh Cream
Icing Sugar
Vanilla Essence
Fresh Mango Chopped
Corn Flour

Whipping Cream

Method Alphonso Cheese Cake
1. Take Cream Cheese, add Icing Sugar Mix well
2. Add to the above Mixtures Vanilla Essences, Corn Flour & Amul fresh Cream Mix Well
3. Add fresh Alphonso Mango Small Cubes
4. Cut & Fold Method
5. Baked the Mix in Oven for 1hr-45 mins

Cheesecake Base
1. Crush the Biscuit Mixer.
2. Then add Butter Mix well
3. Put It in a Flat Tray
4. Bake it for 5 mins

Aaramkhand Mouse
1. Whipped Cream & Aaramkhand Proportion of 10/8 Mix well

Assemble -:
1. Place the Mango Cheesecake in the Centre.
2. Draw the circle with Aaramkhand Mango Mosses & put dots with help of Star Nozzles.
3. Place Mango Bite top of the circle, Mango Burfi Cut into Small Cubes & Place also on Top.
4. Blanched Pistachios & Fresh Mango cubes.
5. Garnish Mango Cheesecake with AamPapad Flat Slices & Silver Leaf.
6. Accompaniment with Mango Ice Cream.
7. Pour AamRas within the Mouse Circle.


Aam Ras (Kgs) 200gms
Fried Puri 5 No’s
Papad Lijjat Medium, 20 gms
Ghee – Pure 10gms
Aam Papad 25gms
MDH Chilly Powder 1gm
MDH Chat Masala 2gm

Method for AamRas
1. Fresh Alphonso Mango Pulp Add little quantity of Milk & Sugar Mix well. Ratio 2:1:0.5

Method Puri
1. Make Whole wheat Atta Dough Add Cold Water, Little Semolina & Salt.
2. Make the Round Puri & Fry
3. Accompaniment with Roasted papad crushed with Aampapad& Seasoning.

Place the AamRas in Bowl & Serve with Puri
Garnish – Fresh Mango Cubes on the Top on AamRas

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