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International Destinations You Must Visit This Summer!

As the mercury rises across India, there’s nothing that may hit the spot like a getaway to an exotic, exciting and exquisite destination somewhere in the world. Luckily enough, there are a bunch of international destinations that may be the perfect fit, based on your interests and budget.

Each one presents a different kind of experience to the traveller. But each one of them promises a world of memories and unforgettable magic.

1.)    Hong Kong/Macau: If you’re looking at a short but amazing trip, then this is the one you must embark on. From delectable cuisines to an incredible nightlife, these two cities offer something special for every member of the family. Try your luck in the legendary casinos of Macau and maybe you’ll strike gold. Or let your little ones discover a whole new world at Disneyland, where their fantasies will become reality. There are many shrines and ancient monuments for the entire family to enjoy. Many Instagram worthy moments are guaranteed.

2.)    Croatia: For a vast majority of the European population, Croatia is the destination of choice during their summer holidays. This is no surprise because of the wealth of natural wonders that exist in the region. From picturesque white sand beaches to clear blue seas, Croatia offers every visitor a chance to unwind in the lap of unbound natural beauty. Remember that many of the breath-taking scenes from Game of Thrones were short in this truly spectacular country. Croatia is also a destination that many youngsters throng to, to live it up and party!

3.)    Spain: Spain is not just a destination; it is a palette of experiences for everyone in the family to relish wholeheartedly. Whether you are a fan of the distinctive architecture or the mouth-watering delicacies on offer, every city in Spain presents a unique adventure to those that visit it. The famed nightlife of the country is certain to be a great way to unwind in summer because the Spaniards certainly know how to live it up. Trekkers, cyclists, water sport enthusiasts and skydivers can also unleash their wild side in sensational Spain.

In addition to these three vacations, we also would like to suggest curated two really special road trips that will help you beat the heat and send your Instagram account into overload mode. So, fasten your seat belts and embark on the following adventures:

4.)    From London to Edinburgh: Green, lush, verdant locales surround you while numerous quaint picture postcard towns leave you absolutely charmed, as you take this scenic drive. Make sure you stop at the Loch Ness, Inverness, York and The Isle of Wight as well as the two world-renowned University towns of Oxford and Cambridge. Ancient castles will catch your eye and the timeless beauty of the region will take your breath away. This is a road-trip that you are guaranteed to never forget. Make sure you have two weeks on hand, if you do decide to undertake this magical journey.

5.)    The West Coast of the United States: If you can take a month off, just pack your bags and set out for the United States immediately. The West Coast is especially beautiful, and we recommend that you visit unforgettable sights like the Redwood National Park, the coast of Oregon, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Pacific Coast Highway and of course, Las Vegas. If you’re not in the mood for a road trip, you can always partake in a more conventional trip to popular destinations like New York, Florida etc. on the East Coast.

As per Mr. Abhas Desai, Co-Founder and CTO, Taxidio Travel IndiaDon’t let summer bog you down, folks. Based on your schedule and the experience you crave, set out on an adventure of a lifetime right away and make your summer vacation memorable”. 

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