5 important tips to become a good anchor!

Hosting a show shall be taken up with ease and conviction says Kavea R Chavali, an award-winning television and event anchor/presenter.

Kavea shares 5 important points to be kept in mind to become a good anchor.

A good listener
As an anchor, you’re not just talking on stage but also responding what you’re absorbing from the audience. It’s not a one-way communication and one needs to be able to listen carefully to respond accordingly. It’s important to react from the energies you receive from the audience.

Presence of mind
Many times, you’ll be on stage and there might be some technical glitches and so it’s important to be alert and have a good presence of mind so you can respond accordingly to the situation.

Power dressing 
It’s not just about being stylish. It’s about being presentable and dressing as per the occasion. You have to make an impression even before you hit the stage. While you’re on stage, you have to be a powerful dresser, you’re literally owning the stage.

Communication skills
It’s important to work on the diction and not put on an accent. Even if you’re addressing a global audience, it’s important to have a strong wordplay yet have the correct diction as per them of the event.

Content is king
Content absorption has become important for audience nowadays. So the only way to keep that crowd engaged is by using good content. Create content that can hold the attention span a little longer.

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