Awesome strawberry cheesecakes by Love & Cheesecake

Love & Cheesecake’s strawberry-themed sweets are nothing short of a postcard from the verdant slopes of Mahabaleshwar, a delightful feast for your eyes and senses.

A Strawberry Layered Cheesecake, constructed with a soft vanilla sponge, is topped with fresh strawberry cheesecake frosting and numerous rings of strawberry slices. Love & Cheesecake is a curated mix of delectable strawberry treats from India’s famous Patisserie. Their Fresh Strawberry & Nutella Cheesecake, a stunning union of Nutella and strawberries, is layered with chocolate sponge, Nutella cheesecake icing, and exquisite strawberries.

Their delectable Strawberry Bavarian Chocolate Cake, a dream for chocolate lovers, is a Belgian chocolate marquise stacked with a chocolate sponge and topped with strawberries covered in chocolate. Additionally, their luscious no-bake Strawberry Jello Cheesecake, which has a crumbly vanilla cookie foundation and is filled with juicy strawberry jelly and strawberries, is available for those who are feeling brave and stunning.

Other mouthwatering options include the Strawberry Tres de Leche, a super-soft sponge cake soaked in three types of milk, topped with fresh strawberries, and surrounded by crumbly finger biscuits; the mesmerising Strawberry Kouglof; the Strawberry Pavlova; and the Strawberry Swiss Roll; all of which have fresh strawberries and vanilla pastry cream as well as a base of creamy, chewy meringue. What’s best? All cheesecakes are incredibly tasty and 100% egg-free.

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